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I think it's dumb to call it a "dieting path or journey". Generally it's hell. Sometimes dieting feels like the dark side of me coming out. But then I see my clavicle, and that motivates me. Manifesting my Goal: 130 then 120 then 115 then 110. Goal: size 9, then size 7, then, as skinny as I can get.

    Eff you stevia, truvia. You taste like crap.

    Weighed in at 1.2 pounds less than yesterday.After I’n finishing working today, I’ll start the 30 Day Shred. I found it on Exercise TV on OnDemand. Then, for 5.99, I found it on Amazon On Demand, and after today, I’m purchasing it. To hell with Dr. Simeon saying no exercise, or light exercise is needed. Generally I take the weight off and then exercise, but this time, I’m going to exercise hard, every day. 

    That is what is lacking in the HCG protocol.. The rest isn’t bad, really, if you can actually eat without any sugar, or splenda. I’m not writing this for diabetics, there are products available for that.  I ate 2 taco shells yesterday, and they aren’t on the protocol. Personally, the sugar free crap made with stevia tastes like a chemical.After last year, the one thing I said I’d never do was put food in my mouth flavored with Stevia, and I stand by that. Stevia, Truvia, tastes like my bathroom cleaner, and I’m not punishing myself with those compounds. Splenda is doable, to a degree.

    I refuse to punish myself cause of a 10 pound weight gain. The only thing with Stevia I’ll be using are Jay Robb shakes, which I swear by. So, yes, I’m on HCG, but fuck the punishment of 10 pounds, which is what the protocol feels like. I’ll lower my sugar intake. I’ll use agave nectar cause it’s damn good, but fuck stevia. It tastes like ass. 

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